Friday, June 22, 2007

Finally back in the water


Well Beach Cruiser is back in the water after spending a week on the hard. The crew at Hinckley Yacht Services (32°02.089'N 081°02.803'W) in Thunderbolt, GA were great. It is amazing to watch the operator run the lift with a wireless controller. They set boat in the water and walked her into a slip for the night.

We will spend the night before heading on to Beaufort, SC Saturday morning. It's good to have dry bilges again.

Also installed the new Kiss wind generator with the help on Bob from Hinckley. I traded the old Aerogen to Bob for his help after work. Using a scissor lift made the job easy. Now it's just a matter of waiting for wind to try it out.


Metanoia said...


It looks like the travel lift was tight for the 16'-2" beam of a Victory.

Did you have trouble finding a place that had one that was wide enough for a haul out?

We got hauled in Belhaven after no luck at Elizbath City and Alligator Creek Marine.


Merrill said...

sorry to miss you guys in beaufort. i split the crew job with barb's boyfriend and had already left to return to savannah when you arrived. guess we crossed paths.