Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 6, 2007

Fernandina Beach Mooring:
30° 40.307N 81° 28.124W

We’re now anchored at Cumberland Island, with some nice little buggies sneaking their way inside the screens to bite…well, me (yes, even sharkbait can be sweet!)

We had a lovely day yesterday on Amelia Island, held securely at a mooring downtown. Mom walked, I ran (very slowly as it very hot); we walked to the strip mall where the movie theater is, had some yummy Mexican, saw Shrek the Third (eh), got caught in a rain shower and so went shopping at Tuesday Morning, and found Mom and Barry some new sheets. Good stuff.

Our first night in Amelia we went to the Crab Trap and ate some the best seafood I’ve had in a loooooong time. Their fries are awesome (beer battered) (and quite caloric, I’m sure—all the better we exercised the next day.)

Our day sail up to Amelia on Monday was great. The tides were with us almost the whole way, as was the wind. Sailed up from Jacksonville in 10 hours, hit a storm in the afternoon (just as we made it to the channel markers), Beth got a bit sea sick (thanks for the advice on the baggie in the pocket, Richard, luckily I didn’t need it ;-), and we made it in just fine.

Adventures on other fronts include the discovery that Barry forgot to wire the refrigerator to the 12-volt power (he did the freezer but didn’t realize the frig was separate). So mom cooked up and threw out veggies and some things, well, when we open them we just hope they’re still okay. Luckily Joan Bean took on a short jaunt to Home Depot and Barry got what he needed to fix the frig, and all is cool and delightful (in the frig that is, we ourselves are hot and sweaty most of the time!)

And tonight will be our first night anchored in foreign-to-us waters. Cumberland is beautiful, though and, for all I hope the breezes pick up tonight, I’m looking forward to exploring the Island tomorrow before we head up to Jekyll Island (do you suppose there’s a Hyde Island somewhere?)

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