Friday, June 8, 2007

Golden Isles Marina (Click here for Google Earth location)

My mother is trying to kill me. Or if not me, then at least my muscles. Used the Bosu Ball for the first time today. Of course, she had the advantage having done Bosu before on…um…land. I tried it for the first time on a swaying boat motoring up the ICW. And I think I acquitted myself rather well. Worked on core strength, balance, did lunges, a bit of cardio, and some abs. And I will assuredly be feeling it tonight.

We’re headed to St. Simons Island right now (decided to bypass Jekyll) and the marshes surrounding us as we head in a roughly northerly direction is barren of humanity. One small motor boat passed us about an hour ago, and other than that it’s the birds, the occasional small herd of horses, and bugs (never forget the bugs!) Little wind and hot sun seem less oppressive as we meander through this beautiful area.

Golden Isles Marina, St. Simons Island:

31° 9.944N 81° 24.927W

The name says it all

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