Thursday, June 28, 2007

Savannah to Myrtle Beach

We parted Hinckley Marine Saturday morning and wove our way up the ICW to Beaufort, SC (32° 24.977N 80° 40.546W). The scenery is absolutely beautiful. After moseying through wide spans of marsh grasses and watching dolphins play, we finally anchored fairly close to the sailing club in Beaufort where Merrill was racing. So Barry and Barb dropped the dink, while Beth stayed aboard to exercise on the BOSU. We then buzzed over to the club only to find out that Merrill had left about one hour before we arrived. After wondering around and talking with sailors, such a unique thing for a sailor to do (haha), we met her crewing partner, Barb, and learned that they had a fun day!

While raising the anchor in Beaufort we managed to hook a wind generator with the anchor chain. We didn’t need it since we just installed the Kiss, so we threw it back.

It seems that most of the time we head East or Southeast and not North! What’s with that?! One of these days we’ll get to go North! Shortly after anchoring at Tom Point Creek (32° 38.729N 80° 16.664W), the low water level alarm went off and the depth was dropping quickly. So, up came the anchor and we moved a few feet (actually several feet). At low tide a shoal appeared right where the boat had been. We claimed it as our island!

Monday it was REALLY HOT HOT HOT, so as soon as the anchor was set in Dewees Creek (32° 50.491N 79° 45.029W) we threw out a fender tethered to the boat as a safety line, and jumped in the water. Oh how good it felt! The current was running fairly strong so it was good exercise to swim to the front of the boat and float back.

Oh my gosh, we’re still going East and Southeast but tomorrow promises to be a more northerly day. This night found us at Minim Creek (33° 11.571N 79° 16.702W) in the great Santee River Delta. It was so amazing to go through the Delta, which reminded me of the Everglades. Wide spans of marsh grasses, a few trees, and virtually no one else there but us. We swam again today but the big biting flies decided to attack Barry. When he got out of the water, the flies went for Barb, so she jumped out of the water and they dove for Beth. Needless to say, she jumped out also.

Finally, a day where our journey took us more Northerly than Easterly and we ended at the Osprey Marina (33° 40.879N 79° 02.504W) in Myrtle Beach. The folks are so friendly and helpful. The cook at the grill, who just got his driver’s license yesterday, cooks up one of the best burgers I’ve had since T-Rays in Fernandina Beach! We spent a day here doing laundry and boat projects, and will head out tomorrow for North Carolina (Can you find our boat?).

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