Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still in Savannah

Well, while cruising it is good to not have a schedule. We discovered a leak in the boat, this time from under the water line. After making several calls, Hinckley Yacht Services was able to haul us out quickly. We left Thunderbolt Marine at 9:30 am. Beach Cruiser was in the slings by 10:00 am. After a pressure wash on the bottom and blocking the boat, the hunt for the leak began.

It turns out the air conditioning discharge thru-hull was leaking water into the core of the boat. The water was coming up through the nice new teak and holly sole in the port forward hull , near the berth.

The thru-hulls were removed, and a hole cut into the hull core from the outside to help drain the water out of the hull. The good news is the core is plastic, so no rot! A vacuum was connected to the new hole to remove excess water.

We will be on the hard for about a week while the boat dries out and repairs are made. We decided to replace the wind generator because the Aerogen is not producing enough power. The new Kiss wind generator is due to arrive on Tuesday 6/19 and we'll install it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile we are enjoying the hospitality of Sherry and Joel, while seeing the sites in Savannah. We are very fortunate to have discovered the problem while here.

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Kate said...

Hey thar Beach Cruiser. Wicked nice photos of the holes in the boat. They are mighty tantalizing....

Seriously, the new photos are great. :)