Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tropical Storms Delay Departure

Okay, so we'll leave June 3rd. We're sitting here, tropical storm tossed, still safe at the Ortega Yacht Club Marina, and we will be delaying our departure by one day due to (are you ready?) Tropical Storm BARRY. Yes, the tropical storm keeping us here an extra day is the namesake of our dear Captain. And that's not all. There is another tropical storm on the west coast called...BARBARA. I'm just wondering when Tropical Storm Beth will show up; or perhaps I'll get to be a full-blown Hurricane (and wouldn't that be a dubious honor?). We aboard BC have decided to take this as a good omen. Storms named after the married couple aboard, rain that is quite needed in Florida and Georgia nourishing the land, and we get a day of rest before we leave.

It's amazing how stressful and full that last two weeks have been. Boat projects daily, a bon voyage party last week, divesting ourselves of our cars and putting stuff in storage, we've actually been quite busy. Plus we have a mystery leak. It's in my hull and has shown up twice now. Of course it's not there now, even though it's been raining steadily for hours. Evidently the leak wishes to remain a mystery.

So we shall sit, watch our recorded "So You Think You Can Dance?", drink coffee and read today. Sigh. Life is hard ;-)

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