Monday, September 10, 2007

Pocomoke City to Frog Mortar Creek

7.24.07 Pocomoke City to Tangier Island

Seascape (Bob, Dora and Sailor) and Beach Cruiser left the city dock at Pocomoke City and headed down the Pocomoke River. We were sad to leave this beautiful and peaceful landscape, yet anxious to continue exploring the Chesapeake Bay. From here on Seascape and Beach Cruiser traveled together for several days. Beach Cruiser managed to run aground in the Pocomoke Sound but Seascape made it through without a hitch. The channel was very narrow. You know, “if you ain’t been aground, you ain’t been around!”

As we passed Watts Island with plenty of time left in the day, we decided to head for Tangier Island and Parks Marina. Seascape went to the marina and tied up first. Then Bob had his radio for Mr. Parks to use while directing Beach Cruiser to a side tie. There was a strong current and plenty of wind. We had to abandon the first attempt, but once the boat turned around, Barry was able to dock flawlessly, but not without fear. Barry did a great job letting the tide and wind slide the boat right on to the dock. This was a good lesson for us all in allowing the tides to do their job. Whew, what a nerve wracking experience. We enjoyed cocktails and dinner on Seascape, followed by a stroll through the streets of Tangier Island. The folks here are so warm and friendly. Tangier Island was an amazing experience!

7.25.07 Tangier Island to Solomon’s Island

The current was running out and pulled us away from the dock at Parks Marina as we left Tangier Island heading west to Solomon’s Island. The bay was flat with small rollers, the wind calm and the air hazy. It was a lazy motor to Solomon’s Island as Beach Cruiser led the way and Seascape followed. We anchored in Mills Creek, enjoyed cocktails aboard Seascape, followed by a shared dinner aboard Beach Cruiser.

7.26.07 Solomon’s Island to San Domingo Creek

We pulled anchor, headed northeast back across the bay for St. Michaels, and anchored in San Domingo Creek. Once anchored we were all off for a dink ride up the San Domingo Creek to the quaint town of St. Michaels. Barry was able to find the area of shoreline where his parents once owned a waterfront cabin when he was a kid. This brought back lots of memories and stories for us all to enjoy! We then continued the dink ride up river, strolled through the streets of town, and enjoyed crab cakes at the Crab Claw. We dined outside at a picnic table where Sailor was able to sit with us; however, he sat under the table and managed to catch a few bites of food that we sent his way. Sailor is always sitting and rolling over without prompting when we eat. Oh how he loves what’s on our plates more than what’s in his doggie bowl. Hmmm?

7.27 San Domingo Creek to Gray’s Creek

Now it is back across the bay heading northwest to Gray’s Creek. Seascape and Beach Cruiser arrived after an uneventful trip. Seascape anchored first and Beach Cruiser rafted up to her. We dinked to a small neighborhood dock and boat launch to meet friends Stan and Kaye. Stan was waiting for us with ice cold libations for all – what a treat! We enjoyed dinner with Stan, Kaye and family, but not before a storm rolled through, which sent Barry and Bob dashing to the boats to close up hatches. They beat the storm, dinner was absolutely delicious, and we all headed back to for a good night’s sleep. Thank you Stan and Kaye!

7.28.07 Gray’s Creek to Frog Mortar Creek

After pulling anchor and heading out to the Magothy River, we found no wind and lumpy seas. So, we lumped, rolled, and motored our way to Frog Mortar Creek. Once both Seascape and Beach Cruiser were anchored, John and Dylan kayaked out to welcome us to Baltimore. Linda was out of town for business. Bob, Dora, Sailor, John, Dylan, Barry and Barb enjoyed a fine relaxing dinner together.

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