Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hope Town, Elbow Cay - February 3, 2008

Jimmy is at the helm feeling his oats on his birthday. And as you can see we're enjoying the ride from the front row as we head from White Sound to Hope Town, both located on Elbow Cay.

The lighthouse at Hope Town is one of the last three hand-wound, kerosene burning lighthouses in the world. The other two are in San Salvador and Great Inagua. The lighthouse keeper stays at the lighthouse all night to crank the weights that operate the beacon every two hours. The Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society works to maintain museum-quality restoration and display of each lighthouse.

View of the Atlantic Ocean and barrier reef. The water is many shades of blues and greens.

Well, here we are in paradise, just chilling out and waiting for your arrival! For you sailors, note the post on the right, which is the front range marker for entering the channel. The back marker is up the hill behind us. So, just line up with the street and the markers and you'll find your way to Hope Town!

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