Sunday, April 25, 2010


Some people define cruising as repairing your boat in new and exotic or different places; sometimes I think it is true, with some places being more exotic and different than others.  While crossing the Gulf Stream on our way back to the USA some fishing net tangled between the prop and the shaft.  This caused a vibration in the catamaran drive leg.  After securing a mooring in Vero Beach, I removed the prop and the tangled netting.  This seemed to solve the vibration problem. The majority of the trip north went well until South Daytona Beach.

As we approached the southern most high-rise bridge there was a grinding noise and then a bang, NOT GOOD.  Barb steered the boat out of the channel and I dropped the anchor.  After determining it was the drive leg that was making the noise, a call was placed to TowboatUS.  While waiting for our tow a few calls were placed to see if we could haul out in Daytona for repairs.  No such luck, as no one could haul us because of Beach Cruiser's beam width, 16'.  TowboatUS arrived and it was determined, due to weather and the lateness of the day, that we would be towed to a marina in Daytona Beach. The next day further arrangements were made to tow us to St. Augustine Marine for a haul out the following day.  The tow was over fifty miles and we were very thankful to have the gold towing package offered by BoatUS! The good news about being towed is that we don't have to listen to engine noise or hail the bridges. We just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

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